Programs include Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQIP), Conservation Stewardship Program (CSP), Agricultural Conservation Easement Program (ACEP), Emergency Watershed Protection Program (EWP), and Watershed Surveys and Planning (WSP). This course equips electricians and other workers exposed to electrical hazards with knowledge needed to apply safety requirements from the NFPA 70E. is an At Your Pace Online, LLC Property, Wastewater Treatment Components and Functions, How To Start Your Career In Wastewater Treatment Operations, Mitigating Flooding Impacts on Drinking Water Treatment Systems, Basic Electrical Concepts for Water Operators, Class 1 Treatment, Collection, or Distribution- 12 Hours, Class 2 Treatment, Collection, or Distribution- 12 Hours, Class 3 Treatment, Collection, or Distribution- 24 Hours, Class 4 Treatment, Collection, or Distribution- 24 Hours. Construction Permits: Prior to issuing a construction permit, the Division of Water (DOW) reviews plans and specifications with respect to the sanitary features of design. Frankfort, KY Local Partners. The deadline for renewal is June 30 every two years. There are 28individual lesson modules included in this course: Basic Water Math,Unit Conversions,Working with Formulas,Understanding [], Pass your test the first time! The process of applying for pilot grants is covered in depth with some examples of the types of projects that are funded. OW provides guidance, specifies scientific methods and data collection requirements, performs oversight and facilitates communication among those involved. This course will fulfill 1 of your required hours for Kentucky water operators. There are 32 individual lesson modules included in this course. This presentation overviews the EPAs Rapid Bioassessment Protocol for evaluating habitat to relate how closely hydrology, hydraulics, and geomorphology functions can impact biological function. 04/18/22 - Pool Markings Focal Point of 2022-23 High School Swimming and Diving Rules Changes. Some discussion of report cards and multi-metric summaries is also provided. Breaks down some of the nuanced water quality benchmarks and how to best present the data on frequency and magnitude of water quality exceedances. There are 22 individual lesson modules included in this course. Learn and search about various permits and certifications within the division. Workshop content was developed to allow for flexibility in future delivery by regional basin coordinators or others as local needs warrant. Attending career fairs and speaking to groups about water treatment and solid waste careers. Basic Water Math, Unit Conversions, Working with [], Pass your test the first time! Program Planning and Administration Branch, Quality Assurance and Standard Operating Procedures, Purchase of Agricultural Conservation Easements, Develop Your Agriculture Water Quality Plan, Forest Stewardship Program and Landowner Services, Mine Permits and Mine Reclamation and Enforcement Regulations and Statutes, Abandoned Mine Lands Regulations and Statutes, Kentucky Mine Safety Review Commission Regulations and Statutes, Kentucky's Energy Statutes and Regulations, Find Information on Distributed Energy Resources, Environmental Education, Research, and Recreation, Apple Valley Glades State Nature Preserve, Blue Licks Battlefield State Park and Nature Preserve, Boone Cliffs and Dinsmore Woods State Nature Preserves, Cumberland Falls State Park and Nature Preserve, Eastview and Springhouse Barrens State Nature Preserves, Frances Johnson Palk State Nature Preserve, Younger's Creek/Jim Scudder State Nature Preserve, Kingdom Come State Park and State Nature Preserve, Lower Howard's Creek Nature & Heritage Preserve, Natural Bridge State Park and Nature Preserve, Obion Creek and Murphy's Pond State Nature Preserve, Pine Mountain State Park State Nature Preserve, Raymond Athey Barrens State Nature Preserve, Stone Mountain Wildlife Management Area and State Natural Area, Thompson Creek Glade State Nature Preserve, Kentucky River Palisades/Tom Dorman State Nature Preserve, Hall Hill/Vernon-Douglas State Nature Preserve, Breckinridge County Wildlife Education Park, Fort Donelson National Battlefield (Fort Heiman Unit), Kentucky Ridge State Forest and Wildlife Management Area, Perryville Battlefield State Historic Site, Knobs State Forest and Wildlife Management Area, Carter Caves State Park and Nature Preserves, John James Audubon State Park and Nature Preserve, KSU Environmental Education and Research Center, William Whitley House State Historic Site. The presentation describes the job responsibilities and regulations that apply to planning with an emphasis on the Comprehensive Plan, ordinances, and planning studies. No stress. Introducing public access of permit information through the EPA Enforcement and Compliance History Online (ECHO) system. Tutorial on generating a watershed delineation and exporting shapefiles and hydrographic information utilizing this helpful web service. We start by detailing the arrangement, scope, and purpose of the document, as well as define common terms. We provide the powerpoint files for the training to increase the flexibility of use for these training materials. If you recently filed a membership application and elected to pay by check, please allow two weeks for us to receive the check and activate your membership, before trying to register for training. This course will fulfill 2.5 of your required hours for Kentucky water operators. Special emphasis is given to the following sections of the Clean Water Act: 305b Reporting, 303d Listing, 304 (NPDES) Permitting, 319 (Nonpoint Source) Projects and Activities, and 401 & 404 Permitting. The first concerns fluids at rest and describes the properties fluids have when they are standing still. The science and background behind the parameters are discussed as well as relationships between variables and associated water quality impacts. This course provides details on a variety of wastewater equipment, including pumping stations, screening equipment, grinding equipment, grit removal systems, sludge and scum collection apparatus, and flow measurement devices. There are 32 individual lesson modules included in this course. A fee applies to these courses and the type of credit varies by course. The deadline for renewal is June 30 every two years. This presentation provides extremely practical advice for approaching parks and examples of successful projects. Following the discussion of general land uses, a categorical explanation of associated best management practices will be presented, including those related to urban, agricultural, wastewater, resource extraction and forestry activities. document.write(d.getFullYear()); This course introduces operators to pumping systems, hydraulics, basic pumping terminology, and pump curves. The presentation includes interactive role playing, feedback mechanisms, and polling. The Kentucky Department of Education is a service agency of the Commonwealth of Kentucky. In addition to providing approved continuing-education credit for water and wastewater operator certification renewal, these sessions are approved by the Public Service Commission (PSC) for training hours. The WikiWatershed tool is introduced. There are 32 individual lesson modules included in this course. Some discussion on the volunteer communities characteristics are also provided. Be sure to consider the environmental conditions around and beneath the site as well. From there, we discuss water collection, treatment, and distribution, as well as the physical, chemical, and biological properties of water. Introduction to Partnerships and Local Governments. This course introduces operators to piping systems and familiarizes them with the larger components that make piping systems function, including metallic and nonmetallic piping, tubing, and hoses. A case study of the interactions between a strong environmental industry and a local government is provided. The award-winning Lincoln County Sanitation District formation and homeowner assistance program are showcased as a success story of the services RCAP offers in conjunction with partners. Call KRWA at (270) 843-2291 for more information. It also provides some national and local examples where social survey research tools have been utilized effectively. Create Your Account on the EPSB Web Portal Page. Water supply well construction practices and standards, College of Agriculture, Food and Environment. This course will fulfill 3 of your required hours for Kentucky water operators. The Kentucky Division of Water provides a list of approved laboratories here. In-person training has been scheduled for the remainder of the year. Success stories from Kentucky and other states are provided as examples. Basic Water Math, Unit Conversions, Working with Formulas, Understanding Percentages, Calculating Area, Calculating Volume, Weight-Volume Relationships, Force-Pressure-Head, Velocity and Flow Rate, [], Pass your test the first time! It covers meeting preparation, execution (including facilitation skills and techniques), how to deal with disruptive behaviors, and meeting follow up. will be provided, along with a description of the types of programs and services offered. Some example projects and ideas for partnerships are discussed. Emissions Inventory Section, Division for Air Quality. Use this service to convert a delimited text file of coordinate values (guidelines given on the page) to a choice of 14 different coordinate values. Participants will learn how to access and display land use coverage maps, as well as evaluate land uses for potential water quality impacts. Beginning with a review from Module 3, this presentation discusses the effects of impervious surfaces, the role of soil and geology in green infrastructure, and how to find land use information. This presentation breaks down the process of identifying and analyzing the target audience into nine steps and utilizes four worksheets to help work through this process. In addition, numerous training activities of KRWA are approved by the Kentucky Public Service Commission for commissioner training hours. As such, tuition for courses taken by graduated students will be determined by the postsecondary institution. All rights, A blog of the Kentucky Energy and Environment Cabinet, Learn or search about and comment on proposed permitting actions and regulation changes. School and District Report Cards provide detailed information about each school and district, including test performance, teacher qualifications, student safety, awards, parent involvement and much more. OW is responsible for implementing the Clean Water Act and Safe Drinking Water Act, and portions of the Coastal Zone Act Reauthorization Amendments of 1990, Resource Conservation and Recovery Act, Ocean Dumping Ban Act, Marine Protection, Research and Sanctuaries Act, Shore Protection Act, Marine Plastics Pollution Research and Control Act, London Dumping Convention, the International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution from Ships and several other statutes. Some common quality measurements and tips and rules of thumb to use when screening data are covered. Liability Protection and Technical Assistance, Environmental Compliance Assistance Program. 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